Air Management Systems

Automotive air management systems involve clean air induction and climate control applications, where sealing performance is paramount.

Broad Portfolio of Solutions

  • Apex Vinyl, Sarlink TPV and TPE product offerings

Sarlink: Improved Durability and Sealing Performance

  • Flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Heat stable up to 125°C
  • Chemical and oil resistant


Sarlink: Cost and Weight Reduction

  • Lower density than EPDM and chloroprene rubber
  • Suitable for 2-component blow-molding and exhibits excellent adhesion to polypropylene (PP), eliminating metal fasteners
  • Shorter cycle times and reduced wall thickness

Apex Vinyl: Excellent Balance of Cost and Performance

  • High performance PVC for injection or extrusion applications
  • Lower cost offset to engineered resins