Bin Mats, Cup Holder Liners

Bin mats and cup holder liners protect the automotive interior from dirt, wear, and stains. These parts are easy to remove and clean when needed.

Broad Portfolio of Solutions

  • Apex Vinyl, Sarlink TPV and TPE product offerings
  • Wide hardness range available (55 Shore A to 50 Shore D)

Sarlink: Superior Haptics and Aesthetics

  • Sarlink TPVs exhibit a matte finish and rubber-like feel
  • Sarlink TPEs can be customized to suit your needs: from glossy to matte, and from a “grippy” to satin-like feel
  • Compounds can be color matched for a consistent palette throughout the vehicle interior

Sarlink: Excellent Processability and Functionality

  • High flow grades exhibit excellent moldability
  • Low fogging and low VOCs
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals

Apex Vinyl: Excellent Balance of Cost and Performance

  • Smooth surface appearance, easily colorable, and adjustable gloss levels
  • Superior scratch and mar resistance