Soft-touch Grips, Knobs & Buttons

Soft plastics enhance the look and feel of the vehicle’s cabin, providing a comfortable grip that is pleasant to the touch.  Over molding a low durometer plastic over a rigid knob or button adds a distinct, soft-touch feel and a secure grip.

Broad Portfolio of Solutions

  • Both Sarlink TPV and TPE product offerings
  • Wide hardness range available (55 Shore A to 50 Shore D)

Superior Haptics and Aesthetics

  • Sarlink TPVs exhibit a matte finish and rubber-like feel
  • Sarlink TPEs can be customized to suit your needs: from glossy to matte, and from a “grippy” to satin-like feel
  • Compounds can be custom-colored for a consistent palette throughout the vehicle interior

Excellent Processability and Functionality

  • High flow grades exhibit excellent moldability
  • Low fogging and low VOCs
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals