Window Encapsulation

Window Encapsulation describes the seal between a fixed window and the vehicle body.  The soft material is bonded to the glass via insert molding and the use of primer.

Expertise in Multiple Material Solutions

  • TPV, TPE and Vinyl product offerings
  • Extremely low-viscosity materials reducing glass breakage during processing
  • Sarlink exhibits Class A surface quality and excellent UV Resistance

Sarlink TPVs: Faster Cycle Times

  • Higher re-crystalization temperatures during molding translates to faster cycle times versus competitive TPVs


Sarlink TPE: Superior Performance

  • Improved UV resistance, dimensional stability, and superior physical properties after aging versus competitive styrenic compounds
  • Extremely low viscosity over a wide temperature range allows for more complex part designs

Apex Vinyl: Excellent Balance of Cost and Performance

  • Smooth surface appearance, easily colorable, and adjustable gloss levels
  • Superior scratch and mar resistance